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Dove's New Executive Director Begins at Dove

Below is a bio of our new Executive Director
There will be a Meet and Greet on
Thursday, April 7, 4 to 6p
at our 302 S. Union, Decatur, offices.
Please Join us then!

Christine Gregory

Executive Director of Dove, Inc.


Mrs. Gregory has been a member of the Decatur Area community since 1995. Gregory previously served as Digital Learning Support Lead for the State of Illinois Virtual School (IVS), where her clients included public, private and homeschool students and faculty from across the state. She worked with a staff of 60 teachers and staff maintaining infrastructure and ensuring delivery of high quality educational experiences regardless of time, place or pace. Before joining the IVS administrative leadership team, she served as a National Board Certified Teacher in Bethany, Heyworth, Richland Community College and Millikin University. Through her 20 years in education she has impacted the lives of thousands of area students and families and developed grant-funded programs totaling over $14 million dollars.

In addition to teaching, she was privileged to work on the Science Operations Working Group (SOWG) on several NASA missions to Mars, including the Mars Exploration Rovers and the Mars Phoenix Lander. Gregory holds a bachelor’s degree from the Miami University of Ohio and a master’s degree from the University of North Dakota.  She was a Graduate Fellow in Chemistry at the University of Illinois, and a graduate of SCORE and Millikin University's Center for Entrepreneurship First Step FastTrac program. Together with her family, she has owned and operated several businesses in the Decatur area.

Gregory served in a number of faith-based roles prior to joining Dove, Inc. as the E.D. With her husband she was a foster and adoptive parent with Lutheran Child and Family Services, a regular volunteer with the Judy Mason Project, and a mentor with Webster-Cantrell Hall. As a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church, she has served in the role of Vestry Member, Chalice Bearer, and chair of the Newcomer’s committee. She is currently a Postulant for Holy Orders as a Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield.

Mrs. Gregory began at Dove on  March 1.


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