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It's Back to School Time!

The back to school season is quickly approaching and for some it has already arrived and with it comes the back to school shopping for supplies, shoes, and clothing. Have you ever asked “what happens for the children whose parents are just making ends meet?” How do those parents supply everything on the never-ending supply lists, only to see the list grow one the first day of school?Where does the money for shoes, supplies, and clothing come from if you are barely making the rent?

Thankfully, Dove Inc. Children’s Clothing Room offers clean gently used clothing to any parent in need. Parents can select up to three outfits per child every thirty days. We try and offer new socks and underwear to all children as well but as summer winds down so does our supply.

The beginning of every school year can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, but it is not all about the No. 2 pencils, new shoes, or even new books, it is about the children. So, while you are out shopping for that perfect…
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Heritage and Holly Tour

Dove, Inc. is honored to have been selected to carry on the traditions of the Annual Heritage & Holly Tour.  NWRAPS, Near Westside Restoration and Preservation Society, has hosted this event for 26 years. The annual tour focuses on architectural treasures, local history and Decatur community restoration. When looking for an organization to be the event’s future sponsor, NWRAPS approached their neighbor, Dove, Inc. Dove, Inc. Governing Board President, Rev. Jason Butterick, states, "It’s a good fit, focusing on restoring area homes and families inside and out." Dove, Inc. plans to continue the event as an annual fundraiser to support local programs.

The Heritage & Holly Tour will continue to bring area history to light and feature area historic homes and businesses. The Trolley will be available to transport visitors to sites on the tour. New this year will be a bit of the rich history of Dove and its programs. Donna Williams, who has organized the tour for more than …

A New Box of Crayons

As the calendar turns to August, the trees and grass and flowers have begun to look a little tired.Advertising turns from summer fun equipment to Back-to-School sales.Harried moms begin to look hopeful and kids are either excited or sad, depending on how they feel about school.I was always one of the excited ones because I liked school.I also loved summer vacation, but by August I was ready to return to a familiar routine.I liked the new clothes and shoes that back to school time brought, but I was also excited to get new school supplies.One of my favorite things was a new box of crayons.I can still remember begging and pleading for the biggest box of crayons available.When I opened my new box of crayons, all sorts of possibilities loomed------beautiful works of art (although I was never really blessed with artistic talent); graphs to color for math or scienceprojects; maps to mark with separate colors for each country in geography class.The crayons were somehow symbolic of all there …

Letter from the Executive Director of Dove, Inc.: Coordinating efforts to address unmet needs and social injustices.

Dear Friends,
We live in an amazing community.Hope for a brighter future, generosity of spirit, faith in God, and a will to make lemonade from lemons is the trademark of our home here in Central Illinois.In the past roller coaster of a month, Dove has continued its mission despite the odds and we have come through it strong.
To say that I am proud of our staff, clients, and this community which supports them, would be an understatement. Thanks to all of you we have reached a point of stability, and are able to plan for a bright future.We are hiring to fill vacancies and planning to continue to provide services for domestic violence victims, homeless individuals, and community needs.We have partnered with volunteers from NWRAPS to become the new host of the annual Heritage & Holly Tour, and worked with our partners in the community to continue our mission to coordinate efforts to meet unmet needs.
Thank you for being ready to share in Dove’s work.To explore how you can grow with us to…

Letter from the Executive Director of Dove, Inc.: Coordinating efforts to address unmet needs and social injustices.

Greetings Friends,
I write today to express my deep gratitude to you as Dove celebrates its 47th anniversary.From the 8 churches which began our mission, to the over 120 supporting and member religious organizations today who see Dove as extension of their mission reach into the world, Dove has become a part of the fabric of the five counties we serve.
None of that is possible without each of you.I thank God for you every day.Your gifts, prayers, donations, service, advocacy, and vision continue to change and save lives.Because of you we have remained flexible to the changing needs of our community and committed to supporting our most vulnerable neighbors. Please know that you are in my prayers, and keep our staff and clients in yours as we continue His work in the years to come.
If you or your organization’s members are ready, please reach out to our Volunteer & Community Relations Director, Barb Blakey.Dove, Inc. is only as strong as its member organizations, volunteers, and advoca…

47 Years of Service

Since 1970, 47 years ago this week, Dove, Inc. has been providing services to the community in Central Illinois.  These services are the services the community, our churches, our state, and our country have asked us to provide.  We have stepped up time and time again to address unmet needs and social injustices. 

At Dove, we operate with minimal staffing, a wonderful pool of passionate staff and volunteers, and significant cost controls.  The new budget will pay approximately 87% of the work which the State contracted with Dove to provide in the 2016-17 Fiscal Year. Dove will take a hit of a bit over $100,000 for the year for services which we have already provided in good faith.  While this is difficult, we understand that this is a necessary part of beginning to unravel the State’s ongoing financial issues. We are grateful to the many community members who have stepped forward with donations and grants to keep us able to serve the needs of our community. Many thanks to the amazing D…

Garden Tea Luncheon

I would like to personally invite everyone to this year=s Annual Garden and Tea Luncheon!
This year we are going to be doing something different. Instead of a tour of the lovely gardens in DeWitt County, we are having a presentation put on by the well-loved Bloomington Tea Ladies. It will be titled AThe Beauty of a Victorian Garden@.  The Garden Tea Luncheon will also be a sit down lunch with a dessert buffet. This will take place before the presentation.
Date:   Saturday June 17
Place: First Church of the Nazarene, 1220 Kleemann Drive, Clinton
Time: Luncheon will be at 11:30 a.m. the presentation will begin at 1:00 p.m.
Ticket Price:   $15.00
Where to purchase tickets:   CADV committee members, Dove and The Flower Corner.
**Please note that since this is a luncheon, in order to make sure we have enough food for everyone, tickets will only be sold in advance. We will not sell tickets at the door.

Jennifer Tolladay
DeWitt County Coordinator
Domestic Violence Program