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More On MAX

My name is Pastor Shane Hartman. I have had the opportunity to coordinate the MAX program for the last five years. In that time, between the MAX program and Ameren's Warm Neighbor Cool Friends, MAX has had the opportunity to help over 5000 families with close to a million dollars of financial assistance.
I have been able to help seniors get medicine, help people keep their homes, help struggling students complete their GED’s, keep water on for Moma’s and their babies, help people get out of the cold or heat for night, give the gift of new glasses, help people get teeth pulled, assist people with bus passes and keep the lights on for many.
Don’t tell my boss, but I have the greatest job ever. I get to directly impact people’s lives in the moment of their crisis. When people come into my office there are having the worst day of their lives. Hopefully, when they leave they have hope and a little joy in their lives.
This is only possible with the generous support from churches, foundatio…

However, there is good news...

Domestic violence has long been an issue that was shoved behind closed doors and preferably never discussed.Society’s attitude was that it was a personal issue or that what happened in the home was only the business of the people who lived in the home. Fortunately, over the past decades that idea has begun to change.Domestic violence has begun to be considered the crime that it is, and people are beginning to realize that it truly is everyone’s business.The revelation of all the abuse cases in the entertainment industry has given birth to the #metoo and #enough movements.Press coverage of all types of abuse has increased dramatically and victims of both sexes are feeling safe enough to come forward with their stories.This is a refreshing and long-awaited change.
Just four short years ago, domestic violence was virtually ignored in the world of collegiate and professional sports. In February 2014, Ray Rice, a Baltimore Ravens running back, attacked his fiancĂ©e (now wife) in an elevator …

Letter from the Executive Director of Dove, Inc.: Coordinating efforts to address unmet needs and social injustices.

Dear Friends,
One of the cornerstones of the history of Dove, Inc. is advocacy for the needs of the people living in poverty in our communities.The past month has had some dire concerns for the City of Decatur.USA Today reports that from 2010-2016 concentrated poverty rose so that we now have the highest concentration of poverty of any community in the state[i].The Herald and Review reports that evictions are double the state rate[ii]. Our Point-In-Time count of Homeless indicates an increase as well[iii].We have a beautiful city with lots to offer that is suffering and whose impoverished citizens are struggling.
Where is one to find hope in all of this? In the words of the late Pastor Fred Rogers (“Mr. Rogers”), we “look for the helpers.”We look for the countless Retired and Senior Volunteers who man the city and keep good work going.We look for the people coming together to work on issues such as opioids, homelessness, and childhood maltreatment.We look for the BABES volunteers who br…