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June 1972 DoveTales Headline METHODIST TO JOIN DOVE!

"DOVE is happy to announce that the central group of the Decatur District of the United Methodist Church voted that their churches should have the opportunity to join DOVE.

Letters have been sent to all of these churches detailing what DOVE is about.  Each congregation will make its own decision about joining.

As most of you are probably aware, DOVE originally stood for DISCIPLES ON VOLUNTEER ENLISTMENT.  Today, DOVE represents Christian people helping others.

We are looking forward to having our Methodist brothers and sisters join us in the Reconciliation effort!"
Ray Batman, Coordinator
(DoveTales is the newsletter of Dove, Inc.)

Today, the list of congregations is long and there are many denominations represented across central Illinois.  Next Thursday, (April 21) Dove will host its Annual Meeting where these congregations are encouraged to come, share, learn and to elect Dove's Board of Directors. 

If you are in a congregation seeking to see if Dove is a good fit fo…

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April’s Volunteer Appreciation Week is an opportunity to share our sincere thanks to the many volunteers who make a difference at Dove and in the community each day. Some of the activities have been held already and some will take place in the next two weeks. Some of the activities include a lunch or a cup of coffee or a small token of appreciation. All of the activities in a small way thank the volunteers for their amazing service and dedication. 

Below we want to share a few comments from volunteers in the programs, answering the question "I choose to volunteer with Dove because....."

I love the organization and what they stand for. The staff are very on top of their game.

Domestic Violence Volunteer

I like to give back to community

RSVP Volunteer

Many people need help and the thanks we get from them, is so meaningful...

Clothing Room Volunteer

I believe their mission

RSVP Volunteer

I enjoy helping in a way that I can contribute, that makes me happy and helps the wonderful la…

Letter from the Executive Director of Dove, Inc.: Coordinating efforts to address unmet needs and social injustices.

I have spent the majority of my life looking up, studying God's creation and exploring how it all fits together. I was fascinated by endless connections and relationships. Yet, right here, in my own community is a significant population of people who are disconnected, disenfranchised, and hurting. Over time I felt a calling to stop looking so far afield and focus on the needs which are right in front of me. This is how I came to Dove, Inc.

Beginning in 1970, a group of area churches came together to address unmet community needs which are barriers to achieving this dream. Over the last 46 years Dove has developed programs to address domestic violence, homelessness, emergency financial support, preventative education, and connecting communities. When approaching any task I like to ask 3 guiding questions: 1) What do we want? 2) How will we measure success? 3) When do we want it? For the people of Dove the answers are: a self-sustaining community free of human suffering; indicated wh…