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#16 of the things we want you to know about Dove

Dove's  Domestic Violence Program had three very good, helpful programs which  were very good for the community and helped the people that they served:  
WAVE –women against violent encounters Support Group
AIM –Alternative Interventions for Men 
 Substance Abuse Education 
 Due to budget cuts,  we lost these program.  But we still service our clients in a good, loving manner as we all was, have been and will in the future. - Cynthia Farrington

(we hope the budget issues with the State of Illinois will be resolved soon for this fiscal year)

#15 of the things we want you to know about Dove

Since Dove began in 1970, there has been 3 Director's of Volunteers for Dove.  Sue Simcox (also known as Mother Dove) was the first Director, Sue Wilson was the 2nd and I am the third person serving in the position.  Sue Wilson and I sat together, by shear chance, to say goodbye to our beloved friend at Sue Simcox's funeral a couple years ago.  I am so blessed to have worked with both of those amazing women, to learn as much as I could, and to remain friends with Sue Wilson today.
Barbara Blakey
Director of Volunteers and Community Relations