Friday, January 20, 2012

Get to Know Jim! (Dove's new Executive Director)

Age:  I’ll be 45 in March
Family: Married to Brandy Mae. Four daughters Murphy 17, Micah 15, Hazel 2, & Isley 1 month
What you like best about your position at Dove: The amazing collection of people who work at Dove. I think in many ways it is the job of the administrator to create an environment to help the staff be successful. Staff success equals good, consistent client services. Dove exists to serve the community.
What you like best about working in Decatur & surrounding communities: When I was in the process of transitioning to Decatur the one thing people constantly told me was that it was a caring/giving community. That has certainly been my experience. I’ve been so impressed to see how the community works together.
Person who has had the biggest influence on you and why: When I grew up – all I wanted to be was Walter Payton. Since then, my life has been blessed with amazing teachers, clergy, co-workers and friends. But today I would say my biggest influence was my dad. Sadly, I didn’t fully appreciate it when he was alive. But as I get older I marvel at his work ethic, unselfishness, and dedication to family. Today, I try to take those values and apply them to my work and family.
What you hope to accomplish at Dove: It all starts with the mission – to meet unmet human needs. Those needs change over time. I hope to create programs flexible enough to meet these ever changing needs.
Favorite stress reliever: You can’t tell by looking at me, but I am a gym rat. Love to go to the gym and get my sweat on!
Favorite movie: American Beauty, 007 (Pierce Bronson is my favorite James Bond), Urban Cowboy. I won’t see any movie staring Ben Affleck.
Favorite book: Captain Saturday by Robert Inman

Interested to learn more and meet Jim in person?  Join us Thursday, January 26th at the Dean Simcox Conference Center (302 S. Union St) from 3:00pm until 6:00pm to meet and greet Jim Walters!  Enjoy refreshments and welcome Jim to Dove and the community!

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