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Vision of MAX

Working in a world where you have no control of your income. What a foreign world this was for me as I began my married life. When a time came in my life calling for additional income I would set out to get yet another job. I try to live within my means but costs for everything continue to rise. Always my thought was Aneed more, work more.@
 =t mean we must discontinue the things we hold important to us. It just means we must find other ways to support what we value, much like getting that additional job. Over the years I have had to explain many times how you can achieve your goals while working in an environment where you have no control of your income. In the church we have goals, visions, or what we wish to accomplish for the year. We have to ask members, supporters, to pledge to that vision in order to reach it. We know that individual situations change throughout the year and our income toward that vision will also change. When we see ourselves falling behind we re-communicate the vision to remind of the value we placed upon it and ask for additional, sacrificial support. This is very different from most individual budgets. In most homes we do our best to live within our income, not often looking for ways to support the additional desires other than extended credit.
That was my life before working in the church and at Dove in the MAX program. I have learned many people are being asked to do more with less. Programs are funded by State or Federal funding which is being cut or even canceled while the need they are working with continues on. Now I know of the world where you have no control of your income! The reality is everyone is being asked to do more with less. Also with the fears the economy has dealt us, we as donors are holding back. Everything is costing more and the extra jobs we use to be able to find are just not there anymore.

Yes, things have changed in the way I currently think about controlling income. But that doesn
 =s not easy, finding financial help these days. It would be easier to get a second job, if you can find it, or have the skills for it.
Many of the clients we see at MAX have known this feeling of having no control of their income. Lost jobs, fixed incomes, or situations beyond their control have left them coming up short of supporting even the basic of visions. But what I see every day is people out working for the additional support they need. It
 =t the funds to help. Our vision at MAX is to be there for those who just can=t make it, those who are working hard just to stay in their homes, pay the bills, and keep food on the table. Your help with this vision is needed now more than ever before. Let=s keep the vision of MAX strong for our community.
In these past months we have experience a great increase in requests due to the lack of government funding to our community. Many are being turned away just because we haven
Thank you
Rev. Dr. Stacey Brohard
MAX Coordinator


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