Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It was a very smoltering hot summer day!!

It was a very smoltering hot summer day!! If you sat real still, you were lucky to feel the little breeze that was a welcomed periodic relief. The setting was nice - outdoors, overlooking the pond and vineyards. LongCreek Vineyards were very accomodating - even offered and put up a tent for us to set up our tables under to collect admission fee. This made a difference between night and day - and made those breezes even a bit more noticeable and enjoyable!!

The event was a first for us - thought of by our wonderful Chairperson of CADV (Committee Against Domestic Violence), Marilyn Smith. We hope to make it an annual event and hopefully next time the weather will be a bit more cooperative.

Although our attendance was very low, those few who did brave the heat enjoyed a nice afternoon of wine tasting, listening to some wonderful music by the band, "BAM!" - Bill Cunningham, his wife, and son, and Mike Lewis, and eating some delicious food prepared by Chef Ron Nailer of Secret Recipes Restaurant in Mt. Zion. Some were lucky enough to receive tokens that were donated by Culvers for free ice cream.

Having known Mike Lewis for many many years, it was fun to listen to him again and enjoy his wonderful sense of humor! The band makes it obvious they enjoy what they do. They were the perfect band for this setting - it’s too bad so many people missed hearing them.

To those of you who attended or supported our event in any way, we thank you very much. It’s because of people like you that we are able to continue to provide the services our clients need and deserve. Look for future events here - we hope to have another Vineyard event and make every effort to fill the tent full of supporters of our program!!!

Teri Ducy, Director, Dove Domestic Violence Program

(looking ahead, Brandy will share thoughts on the event on Friday.)

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