Friday, February 15, 2013


Dove offers individuals with a variety of volunteer opportunities.  Some require mostly "on the job" training, like sorting and hanging clothing at our Children's Clothing Room;  weighing cans at our recycling center;  picking up coats in the fall with our coat drive;  helping with the  Baskets at Christmas time; doing the Point-in-Time Survey.

Some volunteers opportunities are weekly, as volunteers at MAX who help those seeking assistance, one or two afternoons a week.  Sometimes a group of friends or co-worker or members of a club get together and decide to tackle a special projected needed around one of the program sites.  And there are about 19 neighborhood groups that work with the Community Services program, volunteering in the neighborhoods with fun activities for families and making a postive impact on their corner of Decatur.  RSVP, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, send more than 650 volunteers out into the community to do 100's of things that help keep local not-for-profits open and thriving.

And some require a more formalized training.  With about 5 hours of training, you can become a BABES, Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies Volunteer.  We are currently taking registration for a March Domestic Violence Education and Volunteer Training.  That is a 50 hour training, equipping a person to be able to do direct service volunteering.

Others join advisory committees, serve on the Board of Directors, choose to be a liason between their work or organization and Dove.

What would work for you?  Are you looking for new ways to become involved in the community?  If so, spend some time looking around the web site to see the services offered by the program and then give us a call!

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