Tuesday, May 14, 2013

National Police Week 2013

On behalf of all advocates, victims and citizens in Illinois I want to thank our law enforcement officers for the outstanding work they do in helping keep our streets and communities safe.

National Police Week is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the important role the men and women of our forces play.  They carry out their demanding and often dangerous roles with incredible dedication, professionalism and pride.

We should also take this opportunity to thank the families of these law enforcement professionals.  Quite often, these families live through the daily worry that comes with having a loved one serve on the front- lines of law enforcement.  All across our county, in our communities, on our highways and waterways, at ports of entry and airports law enforcement officers work hard to help ensure the safety of our families and the protection of our communities.

Law enforcement is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding profession.  Policing activities have become increasingly diverse, complex and global.  The knowledge and expertise our officers are required to attain, the time spent maintaining specialized skills and the sophistication of their work highlight the important role these men and women play in our day-to-day lives.

When a law enforcement officer responds to any call they put their life on the line.  However, research states that a domestic violence call could be the most dangerous call they will go on.  A law enforcement officer may be the first and only person a victims sees after an assault.  Information about victims’ rights and services are vital to the victims safety.  We honor our local, county and state police for their valuable contributions towards our common goal, to protect victims and hold abusers accountable.

Thank You Law Enforcement Officers for all you do!

 Mary R. Hughes, Moultrie County Coordiantor

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