Friday, October 3, 2014

Get Involved

In April of this year, Alison Elsea (Macon Co. Child Advocacy Ctr) wrote on Child Abuse Awareness month.  In light of the recent child abuse indictment against NFL player Adrian Peterson and the other domestic violence issues surrounding the NFL it has brought the problem more attention and discussion as we go into October for Domestic Violence Awareness month. 
I think most people do not give domestic violence much thought during their daily routines, but the media coverage of high profile athletes have made it impossible to ignore.   Among my own social circle I’ve heard people express outrage and sadness while feeling helpless.  But there is always something you can do.  If you are dissatisfied with the penalties imposed on the players by the NFL make your voice heard to the league.  You can make your voice heard to your representatives on the legislation covering abuse and vote accordingly.  And most importantly you can educate yourself on the signs of domestic violence and the impact that it has on your community and nation.   Directly, or indirectly, domestic violence touches us all and it thrives when we are silent.  The National Network to End Domestic Violence has listed on their website 31 things we can do each day in the month of October to raise awareness and join the efforts to end the violence.   (

 Lorie Zeck, Domestic Violence Volunteer

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