Friday, April 17, 2015

Volunteering is a Hoot

Why do I volunteer? I’m 73, still have a vocation as an author. And I’m a 24/7 caregiver for my wife of 47 years. I could easily say I’ve already got a full plate and I’m too busy. Or that I’ve done my fair share. I spent a few years at Project Read, on the board of SAIL, and holding every office at my church.

               Part of my faith says that we are to serve. Doesn’t say at a certain age we can just stop when we feel like it. God intends for us to be productive. Volunteering also shows His love by actions, not by words. We know that good works don’t get you to heaven, and that’s not the reason we serve. I believe by giving back a bit of what I have learned and by what He has blessed me with, puts a smile on God’s face. What more could you ask for than having Him smile at you?

There are so many people who need a helping hand. And so few of those hands available. However, where I live in Decatur/Forsyth we are blessed with many thousands of hours every year being logged by compassionate and generous people. DOVE has over 1100* current volunteers who spend valuable time and effort. I’m humbled to be counted among them.

               But the real reason for volunteering is the absolute joy of the rewards. Meeting so many good folks who seldom get on TV. Volunteers by nature do not seek compliments or accolades. Merely connecting with someone you’ve helped is such a hoot, as we older generation would say.

               We all have a friend or two who could be outstanding volunteers. It’s part of our volunteering to recruit when we can. Think what kind of an impact we could have if we each add one more name to the volunteer list. And if your name is not there right now, think about adding it. No matter your skill level, there’s a place where you can provide just the right assistance. You’ll not regret it.

Dave Webb
RSVP Volunteer

*from the 2014 Dove Annual Report - all programs

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