Monday, May 2, 2016

Next Steps in Life Skills Program

Dove is building on our work of assisting Dove clients in job seeking by expanding our employability program. Dove clients who attend the Life Skills component of Homeward Bound and the Domestic Violence Program can now indicate their interest in learning about a lawn care business.

MAX Coordinator, Pastor Shane Hartman, is keeping his duties with the MAX program and the Warm Neighbors/Cool Friends assistance program. He has added new responsibilities to help our clients learn job skills and help them become more employable.

"I have recently started a program to teach clients how to start and maintain a lawn care business. I had a successful lawn business for ten years before entering ministry full time. The vision for the program is to teach job skills and give our clients a greater chance to be employed through this recent work history or start their own business. I am hoping your business or organization might help out our program and donate some equipment or monies to get us started," said Pastor Shane.

Items needed:
trailer to haul equipment
gas cans
push mowers
riding mower or zero turn
ear plugs
safety glasses

Thank you for your consideration. For more information or to make delivery arrangements, please contact Pastor Shane at 428.6616.

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