Thursday, July 7, 2016

8 Great Reasons to Become a RSVP Volunteer

Charlie Gillaspie
RSVP Program Director

Many seniors who have spent most of their lives working wonder why they should now volunteer after retirement. Here are a few great reasons to join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) with Dove Inc.

  1. Volunteering is essential to Illinois
    Especially during this budget crisis, now more than ever before your time is needed. Local area not- for- profits are struggling to continue to offer the services our communities desperately need.  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) sponsored by Dove Inc. has provided senior volunteers for forty years and is a great way to get started with National Service.
  2. Seniors are needed now, more than ever before
    Just imagine how many people could get jobs if more seniors volunteered to teach what they have learned over a lifetime, including helping to bridge the generation gap between the young and old. 
  3. Seniors have choices
    As a senior volunteer you get to choose the service that is meaningful and important to you bringing a level of excitement and enthusiasm that some paid workers may never get to achieve.
  4. Maintains mental well-being
     According to a UCLA study, seniors who volunteer not only maintain good brain function, but their brain function and cognitive ability may actually increase. In short, becoming a retired volunteer can actually make a senior citizen smarter!
  5. Keeps Seniors involved in their community
    Senior volunteers spend less time at home and more time in their communities, which helps them increase their social and support networks.
  6. Volunteering is rewarding
    Volunteering is rewarding for both the volunteer and those being helped with your time, talent, and expertise.
  7. Senior Volunteers set their own schedules
    So even if you are already active, our volunteer stations offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.
  8. Have Fun
    Staff and volunteers have a great time together in the RSVP program. If you have any doubts then come on by during our next mailing and see for yourselves. We will have the donuts and coffee ready for you!
    To learn more about RSVP you can visit the website at 

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