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Domestic Violence Training Experience

  I recently was able to attend the Domestic Violence training in Bloomington with the Mid Central Community Action’s Neville House staff. There were over twenty people at the training and it was an incredible learning experience. Upon arriving I lacked little knowledge about the dynamics of domestic violence and I left with a powerful understanding of the effects domestic violence leaves on not only the victim but the surrounding family, children and even pets. The training was rich with information from survivor stories to important films, activities and discussions. One of the most powerful films I saw during the training was of a woman who had been battered both physically and emotionally by her husband and it was filmed by her eldest son. To witness such a horrific account of someone being mistreated cut to the core of me. No one should have to experience that but yet millions of victims do experience that everyday. There is a bright side to this horror which is the domestic ab

Healthy Love

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!   With all this talk of love and relationships, it makes us think: what is the definition of healthy love?   We know it’s not all about flowers and chocolate but nurturing the relationship throughout the entire year so you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other.   Here are a few “healthy love” characteristics: Each person allows for the individuality of their partner. Bringing out the best qualities in their partner and vise versa. Each partner has the ability to accept endings, if necessary. Experiencing openness to change in the individual and the relationship. Inviting and encouraging growth in their partner. Experiencing true intimacy in the relationship physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Being able to experience giving and receiving in the same manner. Not attempting to control or change the other person. Not being dependent on their partner for happiness, but simply wanting to be with each

Help Available for Teens and Young Adults

If you’ve had a young child in school in Macon or Dewitt counties in the last couple of decades, there’s a pretty good chance you’re familiar with Dove’s Babes’ program . But did you know that our domestic violence program also has a staff person who goes into the schools to educate junior high and high school students about healthy relationships and domestic violence? Joyce Kirkland, Youth Services Specialist, has been doing just that for the last 11 and a half years. “The highest rates of domestic violence fall into the age range of 16 to 25,” she stated during a breakfast addressing community members. The fact is that one out of four young people will experience some form of dating violence in their teenage years, and over half of those victims are more likely to reach out to a friend than a parent. Unfortunately their peers don’t always know the resources, or how to help someone who’s in a violent relationship, which is where Joyce comes into the picture. Joyce often acts

Difficult times call for difficult measures

Difficult times call for difficult measures. For many people this is what our current economy is speaking to them. Difficult measures can mean households growing as relatives move back in together and share the expenses. For others it means looking for assistance for the first time in their lives. Then there are those who are just throwing their hands up and giving up under the pressure. Wherever individuals may find themselves in this difficult economic season one thing they don’t need to loose is their dignity. I don’t currently know too many people that are living so well that they will never have to ask for help. I also believe if you are trying to go at life alone you may be a very lonely person. If I look back at how we were designed as humans it is a design toward living in community with one another. We were not meant to go at it alone. So then the question should be, if someone on our community is in a season of need how do we respond? This question can really conger opposing