Friday, February 19, 2016

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Education

Dove=s Domestic Violence Program provides teen dating and domestic violence education to help teens understand healthy relationship characteristics and boundaries, recognize abusive behaviors and patterns, and know where and how to reach out for help for themselves or a friend.   The Youth Services Specialist provides teen dating violence education to teens in high schools, middle schools, colleges, and youth organizations throughout DeWitt, Macon, Moultrie, Piatt, and Shelby counties.  


Teen dating violence is often the first manifestation of domestic violence B many adults report that their first experience with domestic violence occurred in a teen relationship.

  • The highest rates of domestic violence occur between the ages of 15-25. 
  • 1 in 3 teen girls report physical and/or sexual abuse by a dating partner and 7 out of 10 teens (both male and female) report verbal/emotional abuse, threats, and/or stalking by a dating partner. 
  • Teen dating violence can be as damaging and deadly as any adult abusive relationship.



In the 2015 calendar year, Dove=s Youth Services Specialist provided:

  • 59 teen dating violence presentations to
  • 1,878 teens in
  • 17 schools and
  • 4 youth groups.



AThe keys to stopping domestic violence are intervention and prevention.  I am honored to work for an agency that recognizes the importance of reaching children and teens with education about healthy relationships, safety, and respect.@  - Joyce Kirkland, Youth Services Specialist


For more information or to schedule a teen dating violence educational presentations, contact Joyce Kirkland at 217-428-6616.

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