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Thanks Volunteers!

As coordinator for the BABES (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies) Program I have the pleasure of working with volunteers that are such an integral part of this program.  As we look back to last week's National Volunteer Appreciation week I wanted to Thank not only BABES dedicated volunteers but all volunteers. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our community.  They dedicate themselves to helping others and want nothing in return. Although if you ask any volunteer they would probably say that they get more from the people and children they may help, than they feel they give.  Take a moment and think about it, in almost all aspects of our society you may encounter a volunteer.  So if you do, thank them and let them know that they are appreciated.  Sandy Laesch, BABES Program Coordinator BABES Volunteers  Linda Natereli, Myra Hinze and Susan Hoem at the April 13 "BABES Volunteers Breakfast Break" Our sincere thanks to all the volunteers of the

Volunteering is a Hoot

                                                                            Why do I volunteer? I’m 73, still have a vocation as an author. And I’m a 24/7 caregiver for my wife of 47 years. I could easily say I’ve already got a full plate and I’m too busy. Or that I’ve done my fair share. I spent a few years at Project Read, on the board of SAIL, and holding every office at my church.                Part of my faith says that we are to serve. Doesn’t say at a certain age we can just stop when we feel like it. God intends for us to be productive. Volunteering also shows His love by actions, not by words. We know that good works don’t get you to heaven, and that’s not the reason we serve. I believe by giving back a bit of what I have learned and by what He has blessed me with, puts a smile on God’s face. What more could you ask for than having Him smile at you? There are so many people who need a helping hand. And so few of those hands available. However, where I live in Decat

We love our volunteers!

Without volunteers Dove would not be what it is today. I remember reading when Dove started it had one paid position and VISTA volunteers that were paid a stipend by the government and a few dedicated volunteers who were willing to help people in the community that wanted to help themselves and their children to enrich their lives. The Domestic Violence Program is a 24 hour crisis program that utilizes volunteers in a variety of ways. Volunteer’s help with clerical, childcare during groups, answering the hotline with shelter coverage, maintaining the libraries, help with the process of getting orders of protections and transporting clients is just a few  of the ways they help. We love our volunteers for the commitment they have shown to help those in need. Patty Plato Domestic Violence Program Shelter Coordinator

Invent the Future!

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." –Immanuel Kent Community services and neighborhood volunteers work on inventing the future every day.  They take the pro-active approach to making the community a better, safer place to live. They set up and host events in their neighborhoods and help encourage our local youth to utilize these activities as a healthy alternative to wandering the city streets. In the past six months, 237 volunteers around Decatur have participated in activities such as National Night Out, fall festivals, Christmas parties, after school help for youth, spring and Easter celebrations, community forums and an assortment of others. Every day I hear stories about all the hard work volunteers are doing and about all the positive things that are happening because of this hard work.  Many people in the area are quick to knock Decatur as being a terrible place, but when I look around I see so many people involved in projects to engage,