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ILLINOIS CERTIFIED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROFESSIONALS, INC. APPROVED 40-HOUR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINING JANUARY 22 B 31, 2014 My start date for Dove Domestic Violence Program was suppose to be January 6, 2014. I say A suppose to be @ because that was the first day of our big snow storm. So I had a snow day for my A assumed @ first day of work and began on January 7, 2014.  In order to be capable to perform the duties of my position as Domestic Violence Shelter Specialist, it was required of me to take the 40-hour domestic violence training. The 40-hour training was held in Bloomington, Illinois. It was very interesting, informative and, last but not least, very eye-opening!   Each day we had interesting speakers present with power point presentation and A on-the-job @ experience related to their areas of expertise.   I learned that Domestic Violence is a pattern of abuse which may include verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.  The cycle of violence systemati

RSVP awarded CNCS Grant

We are so excited to let you know that RSVP was awarded a $62,768.00 grant to support senior volunteer activities from the Corporation of National and Community Service (CNCS). These funds were awarded as part of a competitive grant process for RSVP, one of three Senior Corps programs administered by CNCS. Established in 1971, RSVP engages older Americans in volunteer opportunities across the country. These volunteers have been a critical resource for nationwide response efforts—in everything from hunger prevention to natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy. RSVP has been sponsored by Dove, Inc. since 1975 in Macon County and 2001 in DeWitt County. There are currently more than 600 active RSVP volunteers in Macon and DeWitt County who support our local communities in areas like Education, Veterans and Military Families Support, Healthy Futures, Disaster Services, Economic Development, and Environmental Stewardship. RSVP volunteers alone served more than 120,000 hours in the l

Healthy Happy Valentine's Day

As we observe Valentine’s Day this week, much of society’s attention is directed toward relationships. While the true winners on this occasion are no doubt the florists, card shops, candy stores and jewelers, many people judge the strength of their relationships on the size of their gifts.    In the eyes of some, the size and cost of the gift determine the health and strength of the relationship.   This, however, is not one of the hallmarks (no pun intended) of a healthy relationship. Relationships, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.   There are romantic relationships, family relationships, friend to friend relationships, workplace relationships……and the list goes on.   When most people talk of relationships they refer to the romantic relationships.   What is a healthy relationship?   Do they truly exist?   How do you make that happen?   As a domestic violence advocate/counselor, I see unhealthy relationships daily.   Sometimes when I talk with victims about healthy relat

Who Knew?

RSVP Staff and Volunteers did!   Military families stationed overseas are often living on one income and money can be scarce. To help, RSVP is collecting coupons!    We = ve collected all varieties of coupons -- from all manufacturers, current and up to six months past their expiration date.   We've shipped the coupons to different military bases across the world.  Then, the military families can purchase items such as food, diapers, cold & flu products, even dog food at the base PX. Thanks to the community = s generosity RSVP has been able to ship over 500,000 coupons to struggling families overseas, but we still need your help!!!   We need people to keep sending us the coupons and we are also looking for financial donations to pay for the postage when shipping the flat rate priority boxes. Collecting and preparing these coupons is much easier than shipping. Shipping cost, like all postage, has gone up again! One large flat rate box cost is $15.45 to ship. Tha