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Alternative Images for Men - Domestic Violence Men’s Group A Personal Perspective

AS we enter October and mark Domestic Violence Month, I remember my introduction to Dove’s program.   In the summer of 1980, I was the at-home parent for our two young daughters.   I responded to a knock on the door to find Larry Troy, a sociology professor from Millikin University, asking if I had an interest in working on a project investigating services for abusive men as part of the Dove Domestic Violence Program.   He knew I had a background on teaching communication skills and thought it might be helpful. A small group of us met through that summer and decided to develop a curriculum to be presented to abusers to help them change their abusive behavior.   There was not a lot of research material available.   Active groups throughout the country did not begin to meet together until the mid-1980s in St. Louis to share their programs and results.   In the early 1980s we decided to push forward with what we had.   We announced we had a program for men and were in business. The