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2014 Point in Time Survey

               Each year the Macon County Continuum of care/Homeless Advisory Council conducts a survey of the homeless population in Macon County.   The survey is called The Point in Time. The collected data provides vital information to local and federal agencies that are working to end homelessness.                This year the Point-in-Time survey took place on Thursday, January 23rd, one of the most frigid days of the year.   With that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who volunteered their time despite the bitter cold. Although I am still in the process of sorting and counting the surveys, the preliminary numbers indicate an increase in Macon County’s homeless population. I’d also like to thank all of the individuals and agencies that provided us with food and beverage donations for the point in time participants and volunteers. Youlanda Johnson, Case Manager/Support Specialist Homeward Bound The complete Point in Time results will be released a


A New Year B new challenges B new goals B new outlooks B new beginnings.   It = s time to put A YOU @ first B what is it YOU need to make YOU happy?   What is best for YOU and your children?   If you are experiencing issues of abuse in your current relationship, please do not hesitate to call one of our 24 hour hotlines :   Macon County, 423.2238 DeWitt County, 935.6072 Moultrie County, 728.9334 Shelby County, 774.4888 Help is available!   No one deserves to be abused.   Abuse is NOT your fault and is NEVER justified.   We all are involved in relationships B work relationships with colleagues and co-workers, family/friend relationships, relationships with our fellow church members, as well as any agency or organizational committee members and of course our partner relationships.    Any kind of relationship requires ongoing work in order for it to be positive.   For us in the domestic violence program, on an ongoing basis we listen to our client

Neighborhood Groups busy planning for Spring

Dove's Community Services/Decatur Area Project staff members works with Neighborhood groups across the city.  These groups' goals vary from group to group and season to season, but they all focus on making Decatur a great place to live, work and raise a family. To see if there is a group in your neighborhood, check the web site for boundaries of the organized groups.  Don't see one for you?  Call the staff to check to see what's new, what's in the work or if there isn't a group, how you can work with your neighbors to get one started. This is the planning time for most groups with the spring and summer time full of activities!  Mark your calendar for National Night Out, always celebrated the 1st Tuesday in August.  Fun, games, food across the city and in the parks--  but all with the serious goal of saying "goodbye to crime."  Francie and Angie are here to work with the groups -- offer advice, share information etc.  Seen here having a bit of fun

BABES's Volunteer Training Next Week

Buttons, Bows, Myth Mary, Early Bird, Donovan, Rhonda, Reggie and BABES Volunteers better be rested up and ready for 2014 Y .because the schedule is packed! I do not want to turn down any BABES Presentations and need more BABES Volunteers so I have scheduled Volunteer Trainings for:  DeWitt County-Tuesday January 14, 2014 at Dove, Inc. in Clinton, IL Macon County-Saturday January 18, 2014 at Dove, Inc. = s Dean Simcox Conference Center in Decatur, IL Call or email me if you are interested in the opportunity to make a difference in a child = s life. For more information about becoming a BABES Volunteer contact me. My email is or call 428-6616 ext 2244. We have added Enterprise School in Macon County along with Washington and Douglas schools in Clinton and DeLand-Weldon School District in DeWitt County. The BABES Program is looking forward to presenting in all our schools and adding new volunteers to the program. What a great start to 20