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Verizon Wireless -- We Can Hear You!

From time to time Dove staff posts project ideas on our website  so that small groups seeking volunteer opportunities might find something they're talented at, or would like to assist with. One such project was posted about turning a drab area of the domestic violence shelter into a homework nook for younger children staying here. One day, an employee from Verizon Wireless called and said some of the employees there were interested in this project. These are the amazing results: Thank you, Verizon Wireless!

Building a Chain of Hope

What does it take to leave an abusive relationship? The chances of being successful at leaving an abusive relationship are very low. That’s why a victim may leave 5 to 7 times before she is successful.  So many things can be stacked up against you. Finances, fear, family, friends, children, religion, social disapproval, guilt, belief systems, marriage stigma and hope that the abuser will change, just to name a few.  Also, when a victim is successful at leaving she is then sabotaged by her abuser.  Some examples are: acts of violence, threats of violence, threats of violence against her family, threats of suicide, threats to take the children away, threats to call DCFS, cut off car insurance, stalked through phone activity or other gps devise, disable vehicles, take keys to vehicle, take tires off of vehicle, make false police reports, wipe out bank accounts, run up credit cards, wipe out saving accounts, destroy legal documents, cut off health insurance, cut off cell phone service,

The absence of peace

                “ I don’t know why I’m losing my cool so often ”, Stephen said as he apologized to his girlfriend Tasha. “I never use to be like this this, I’m even waking up angry.” Stephen was apologizing for some comments he had made the night before as the two tried working things out over the past due bills they were looking at. Not too long ago Stephen could surprise Tasha with a small gift or even spoil himself with something he had been wanting. Those days seem to be gone now; every dime goes toward keeping their bills paid. All it took was one week and everything changed for this couple. Stephen twisted his ankle while running their dog in the park and had to be off work while it healed. One week made the difference between being ahead and falling behind in their finances.                    This story is spoken quite often these days. Those who were one paycheck ahead of their financial obligations are now behind because of some emergency. As I looked into Stephen’s situa

“Land of the Free, because of the Brave”

This past Sunday, Dove’s Committee Against Domestic Violence hosted a fundraiser at Long Creek Vineyards.   With a record breaking temperature of 95 degrees, and a “feels like” temperature of over 100 degrees, the turnout wasn’t what we had hoped for.   Having been there personally, I completely understand why some might have chosen to position themselves next to a pool or on a boat if they did get out and brave the heat!   Despite the scorching weather, it was a great event.   “BAM” provided music for the afternoon and Secret Recipes offered delicious food.   The staff of Long Creek Vineyards provided a variety of ways to stay hydrated and they were so great to work with.   Their property is beautiful and they had plenty of seating under a big shaded tent.   CADV (Committee Against Domestic Violence) did a wonderful job putting this fundraiser together and I enjoyed all the Independence Day décor.   THANK YOU to them and THANK YOU to those who attended!   If Dove has anothe

It was a very smoltering hot summer day!!

It was a very smoltering hot summer day!! If you sat real still, you were lucky to feel the little breeze that was a welcomed periodic relief. The setting was nice - outdoors, overlooking the pond and vineyards. LongCreek Vineyards were very accomodating - even offered and put up a tent for us to set up our tables under to collect admission fee. This made a difference between night and day - and made those breezes even a bit more noticeable and enjoyable!! The event was a first for us - thought of by our wonderful Chairperson of CADV (Committee Against Domestic Violence), Marilyn Smith. We hope to make it an annual event and hopefully next time the weather will be a bit more cooperative. Although our attendance was very low, those few who did brave the heat enjoyed a nice afternoon of wine tasting, listening to some wonderful music by the band, "BAM!" - Bill Cunningham, his wife, and son, and Mike Lewis, and eating some delicious food prepared by Chef Ron Nailer of Secret