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We Need Volunteers

Dove, Inc began in 1970 as a place for people to put their faith into action and to volunteer.  Many times it was to volunteer to meet others in situations different that yours.  Today, 45 years later, Dove still relies on the talents, time and dedication of many volunteers.  Last year, more than 105,000 hours were logged in by Dove volunteers, helping out our agency and many other agencies by the RSVP Volunteers All the programs have active volunteers helping out. Currently we are seeking additional volunteers in the program listed below: BABES (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies) Children's Clothing Room and the Domestic Violence Program Please link to the web site to learn about these programs and to keep a watch on future volunteer needs.  Those seeking to volunteer with the Domestic Violence Program, registration for the May training will begin on March 9. People are always joining the RSVP program, seeking a quality use of their volunteer time in more t

It's Not the Gift

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that puts great emphasis on relationships.  Advertising spotlights the perfect card, the perfect floral arrangement, the perfect jewelry.  Many people concentrate on that, failing to realize that nothing is perfect.  The retailers are happy, because Valentine’s Day profits can be a bright spot in a dismal winter shopping season.  People who are expecting the “perfect” gift to make their relationship “perfect” are usually not so happy.  Instead of all the attention to the “perfect” gift, Valentine’s Day is a good chance to take a look at our relationships  to make them better. At Valentine’s Day, the emphasis is on romantic relationships, but we each have all sorts of relationships in our daily lives……, friends, co-workers, etc.   Many of the same things that make a romantic relationship healthy will  work in our other relationships as well.    But, since it is Valentine’s Day, we will look at romantic relationships . The most important thin

CONO Plans Candidate's Forums

The Coalition Of Neighborhood Organizations invites the public and especially all members of the neighborhood organizations, to be a part of the two upcoming candidate's forums. Know your candidates and you can be prepared for voting in the April 2015 elections. The two evenings will begin with an informal Meet & Greet session with the forum beginning at 6:00 p.m. There will be predetermine questions asked by the CONO board then the floor will be open for questions from the audience . All residents of neighborhoods are encouraged to come with your questions. Refreshments will be served. CONO's  Candidate's Forum  for Mayor and City Council Members Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 5:30 p.m. Decatur Public Library’s Madden Auditorium for the Richland Community College Board, District 61 School Board,  and the Decatur Park District Board  Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 5:30 p.m. Decatur Public Library's Madden Auditorium Remember to VOTE whenever you ar