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A Gift To Senior Volunteers

by Sheryl Whisman How do you find the time to give So much to those around? You get much accomplished And your gifts, they just abound! Without complaint or comment You lend a helping hand. To everyone you meet each day, You give all that you can. I'm not sure that you realize Just what a blessed thing You're doing for the world around Or how many gifts you bring. I'm happy to be part of this And I want the world to know, That senior volunteers are special folks Who help their neighbors grow. You are willing to fee the hungry, You are willing to dress the poor. Your are willing to deliver the feeble Right to the doctor's door. You gladly write to the veterans, And the soldiers who are in need, You are willing to clean the houses, You are willing to rake the leaves. There are not many projects That you will not take on. And it is with that helpful heart That you make this nation strong. So now I