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Making Christmas Bright

It’s hard to believe, and some of my co-workers will want to throttle me for saying this, but there are only 58 days left until Christmas. I know, I know. It’s not even Halloween yet and I keep bringing up Christmas. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people. Ask anyone who knows me at all and they’ll probably say something about what a Christmas crazed person I am (hi, Susie and Charlie!). They’re not wrong. I love basically everything about Christmas. The decorations, the baked goods, shopping for gifts for people, the music, sending out Christmas cards. Yes, I even love cold weather and snow.  I blame my grandma, who loves Christmas about as much as it’s possible to love a holiday.   Of course when I was younger, Christmas was all about the latest toy or book I wanted, if my cousins got more stuff than I did from “Santa,” the various Christmas parties with family and at school. It wasn’t until I started getting a bit older that it became more than a time when I got gifts and we looked

What is acceptable?

In October, the winds of change blow as summer gives way to fall.   Trees change colors as the browns and oranges of fall replace the lush green of summer.   October also brings the color purple, as the nation remembers victims and survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For too many years, people made jokes about domestic violence.   They too often laughed at the victim and empowered the abuser by just going along with what he or she did.   Even if they heard or saw violence happening in their neighborhoods they “didn’t want to be involved”.    For far too long it was believed that what happened in the home needed to stay in the home.   Victims and children who lived in homes where violence occurred were told not to talk about it for fear of “what the neighbors would think.”   Many times some of the people who acted in this way were the officials who were supposed to support the victim and stop the violence and hold the perpetrator accountable.   They were supposed

25th Annual Coats for Kids

Just the facts!   The 2016 Coats for Kids drive will begin October 12.  We will be collecting good, used coats for families in need through November 30.  And of course, we'll accept new coats for kids!   It's simple, look in your closets for coats you no longer need -- (all sizes accepted, it's a coat drive focusing on kids, but we are happy to help out adults too).  Take them to one of the places listed below and  place in the collection barrel.  We'll take it from there!   Participating Cleaners will make sure the coats are clean and fresh and ready for the clothing rooms to distribute. (All addresses Decatur unless noted otherwise.)  WAND is and has been the cosponsor for the event all 25 year!  Thanks for that support!   Below is a confirmed participation list as of today:   Participating Cleaners   Classic Cleaner, 2474 N. Main Corner Cleaning Connections, 1154 E. Prairie Ave. Peerless Cleaners, 519 N. Monroe Pride Cleaners a