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10 things you can do this weekend to help Dove

in no particular order 1. recycle your beverage cans 2.  clean out your kid's clothing for donation 3.  turn in your yellow community caps from Pepsi products 4.  make a donation through PayPal 5.  think about volunteering 6.  mark your calendar for upcoming events 7.  like us on facebook 8.  save coupons to give to RSVP for military families 9.  memorize the domestic violence program hot-line number 10.  check out the website for learning about all these things


Dove offers individuals with a variety of volunteer opportunities.  Some require mostly "on the job" training, like sorting and hanging clothing at our Children's Clothing Room;  weighing cans at our recycling center;  picking up coats in the fall with our coat drive;  helping with the  Baskets at Christmas time; doing the Point-in-Time Survey. Some volunteers opportunities are weekly, as volunteers at MAX who help those seeking assistance, one or two afternoons a week.  Sometimes a group of friends or co-worker or members of a club get together and decide to tackle a special projected needed around one of the program sites.  And there are about 19 neighborhood groups that work with the Community Services program, volunteering in the neighborhoods with fun activities for families and making a postive impact on their corner of Decatur.  RSVP, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, send more than 650 volunteers out into the community to do 100's of things that help kee

Random Acts of Kindness

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness.” Maya Angelou (1928) Kindness. It’s a word we hear far too little of these days. The news is filled with violence and death and often leaves us feeling drained and pessimistic. Is the world truly as bad as the media portrays? There is an old saying in journalism that “if it bleeds, it leads,” and that certainly seems to hold true with every news outlet I access regularly. But right now, I’m putting forth a challenge to you. February 11-Feburary 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. I plan to do several random acts of kindness throughout that time period…won’t you think about doing the same? And instead of keeping it a secret, why not write about it here? Leave us some comments on what kinds of random acts of kindness that you plan to do/have done (even if it’s not specific to that week). I’ll give you an example. Several months ago,

Volunteering Part of Your New Year Plans?

The holiday season has passed – a whole new year ahead of us. What are your intentions for this new year?       Have you always wanted to know more about domestic violence? What causes domestic violence?      What is domestic violence? How are the children affected?      What are the barriers that prevent one from leaving their abuser? What are some of the warning signs or characteristics of an abuser?      Would you like to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence and/or their children? If you would like to know answers to these questions and more -- would like to learn more about domestic violence and our program, please sign up for our upcoming Domestic Violence Education and Volunteer Training. Our training begins on Monday, March 4th, ending on March 21st. Sessions are held Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Cost is $150. Registration is going on now through Monday, February 25 at noon. There is a phone i