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giving time, talents and treasures

Looking for ways to be involved with the programs of Dove, Inc.?  Here are some idea to get you thinking! giving time   pray for our clients attend our events read our email newsletter share our email newsletter with family and friends like our facebook page share our tweets read our news feed on the website read our blog memorize hot-line numbers to share with someone in need   giving talents   serve on advisory committees serve as Congregation’s Delegate volunteer for BABES, next training in Spring of 2018 volunteer for Domestic Violence Program, next training in Spring, April 30 - May 16, 2018 volunteer for RSVP, 80+ agencies and organizations to help and make a difference for the community volunteer for MAX, Macon County Assistance exchange program volunteer for the 2018 Point-In-Time count of area homeless individuals and families, January 25, 2018 volunteer for the Children’s Clothing Room