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Let's stop a moment

The Holiday season is now upon us and everyone is scrambling around to finish their Christmas shopping. Everywhere you look there is advertising that is claiming they have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We tend to get lost in our greed and the material goods of this season, but it is this time of year we need to stop and think about those who are not on someone’s gift list. Thousands of children will wake up on Christmas morning to find no presents under their tree. It is a sad statistic, but a true one. We need to stop for a moment, no matter hard that may be to do during this season, and remember the greatest gift we were all given; a baby named Jesus. He wouldn’t want any of His children to be forgotten during this special time of year. So please volunteer your time or donate a gift to the Dove’s Annual Christmas Baskets. These gifts mean so much more than the material goods they receive. They send the message that someone cares. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to