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#33 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

What year did the Clinton Domestic Violence office open begin? (1990) When did the Sullivan and Shelbyville Domestic Violence offices open? (2000) Services were offer to the area before the offices were open, but a local office can offer more services to those with needs. Each of these three programs will be recognizing their anniversary at the upcoming Candlelighting Ceremonies.

#32 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

The beginning of Dove working in the area of Domestic violence - from the October 1980 DoveTales newsletter "With the assignment of two VISTAs to the area of domestic violence, DOVE has assumed sponsorship of this project, at least temporarily.  Domestic Violence is a major problem in our community and throughout the nation.  The need for a Decatur program has been loudly expressed by police, service agencies and women's groups. We are working closely with the Committee Against Domestic Violence, a group of volunteer advocates which is guiding the development of this program. Immediate plans call for establishing an office and 24-hour emergency phone number..."

#31 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

Who was known to Dove as "Mother Dove"? Our beloved Sue Simcox.  She started as a volunteer for Dove and became the Volunteer Coordinator in January of 1976.  We lost Sue a couple of years ago, but her legacy continues today with the many programs she helped to shape as  a staff member and then later as a dedicated volunteer.

#28 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

In the February 1973 issue of DoveTales it states: DOVE ALWAYS NEEDS: ... children's clothing ... good furniture ... volunteers ... $ to meet expenses Guess what, in 2015, we still are seeking good used clothing for the clothing room, dedicated volunteers to assist with the program and $ to meet expenses.   (furniture?  we mostly get via other agencies now)

#26 fo the 45 things we want you to know about Dove!

We love Patty Plato.  Patty is currently the employee who has been with Dove the longest.  From the October 1986 DoveTales,  "VISTAs Geri Bond and Pat Plato have accepted permanent positions on Dove's staff.  ... and Pat becomes Resource Specialist for the Domestic Violence Program.  We congratulate them on their promotions!"  Patty now serves as Shelter Coordinator for the program. 

#24 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove!

In a December 1972 DoveTales newsletter, it talks about the plans for the Christmas Basket Drive, stating it "will again" team up to help make Christmas brighter for many area families.  Sound like one of the first and maybe the longest lasting programs of Dove. Currently the plans for the 2015 drive is in the works.  The first meeting of the staff on Dove's side of the event will be on September 15 -- and we're sure Northeast Community Fund has been planning too.  Actually, both agencies have probably been doing some planning since the 2014 drive finished. We believe that the drive supported  about 75 families in the beginning and now about 350 families.  Watch the web site for needs that you can help with. -- we'll be looking for things like hats, gloves, mittens, new toys (ages birth to 17), warm sock, wrapping paper and tape.  NECF will be collecting food items, especially think about the turkey or ham.  check back later at We'll s

#23 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove!

The clothing Room has served 13364 children in the last 5 years. The Clothing Room was organized by volunteers of a couple United Methodist Churches and was located at St. Paul's United Methodist Church on the east side of Decatur.  It has  moved a couple times (was in the fire at East Clay in 2004) and is currently located back on the east side of Decatur at Prairie Avenue Christian Church, corner of 22nd and Prairie Avenue.  Now the room is open Monday - Thursday, from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. and run by many wonderful RSVP Volunteers.  Families can get good used clothing for the children for free, once every 30 days.

#22 thing of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

Dove:  10 years an Instrument of Thy Peace In April of 1980, DOVE marked the 10th Anniversary of service.  Many churches honored us with prayer as part of the worship services on Sunday April 20.  The following day the City Council issued a Proclamation of congratulations to Dove.  Move 130 friends came to the Open House at Dove on the Wednesday of that week and 250 people attended a dinner celebration on Friday April 25. Dove, Inc. Celebrated it's 45th Anniversary with an Open House on August 30.

#20 in the 45 things we want you to know about Dove

In April of 1987, the Dove's General Board entered into an agreement to purchase the former St. James Convent at 788 E. Clay, Decatur.  The East Clay building served as the Domestic Violence shelter and office space for many years.  The shelter moved to the Anna B. Millikin Home in 2008 and the Homeward Bound Program and SRO's moved into the former shelter.

#18 of 45 things we want you to know about Dove

Patty Plato, the current employee who has been with Dove the longest, shared that one of the first programs with Dove was going out into the parks and neighborhoods and doing activities for youth.  Somewhere about 1988 it was restructured into Community Services / Decatur Area Project.  Like everything that has been around that long, that program has evolved.  The states area projects have been funded mostly by contracts from the State of Illinois and are in limbo right now until a budget is in place.  Unfortunately, our local  program is currently suspended with the greatest hopes it will be back soon.