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Bob Evans Fundraiser

If you're interested in supporting Dove's domestic violence program while eating amazing food, look no further. From August 1 to August 30, 6 AM - 9 PM, Bob Evans is hosting a fundraiser! If you come by Dove, you can pick up a flyer that you can present at the time you're ready to pay for your meal, and Bob Evans will donate 15% of your bill to Dove. Thank you to Bob Evans managment and staff for helping support the fight against domestic violence!

Sharing a comment...

Each summer, we make an effort to get comments from those volunteering, participating and clients of the many programs at Dove.  The questions asked vary from program to program, but below is one comment from the question asked "what has this help meant to you and your family?" "Dove has provided me with a safe and supportive place to stay during one of the most difficult transitions of my life. In my relationship, I continually denied the abuse I was suffering, but the staff at Dove has help me to recognize and accept it for what it was. Just being able to say, "I was being abused," has been a big step for me. The Domestic Violence Program, here at Dove, has also provided me with information to help keep me safe in the future. It has included signs of an abuser to watch out for, as well as, how to get away from an abuser safely, should I ever find myself in a similar situation. This information has been invaluable in the confidence it has given me. Do

Keep Your Cool This Summer!

RSVP Volunteer Opportunities:   KEEP YOUR COOL THIS SUMMER !    Volunteer at these COOL in-door locations! Decatur Public Library : Volunteer opportunities are always available in the local history room at the library.  Greet patrons, search files for information, do data entry, scan pictures.  Use your computer skills, help others and keep your cool all at the same time.  Call us at the RSVP Office for contact information at the library. Decatur Macon County Senior Center : Volunteers are welcome to help out with the many ongoing events at the Center or with the Thrift Shop.  Call Leslie at 429.1239 if you are interested in spending some of your time there. Girl Scouts of America : Call Jody at the Girl Scout Office at 234.0475.  Help her at the office preparing for events and activities for the Girl Scouts.   If you are not an enrolled member of RSVP of Macon and DeWitt Counties we invite you to join us.  Already volunteering in the community?  Why not l

Happy Anniversary Dove!

Last week I arrived for a meeting at our Clay Street location twenty minutes early. I wandered into an old storage room and found scrapbooks containing pictures, newspaper articles, and copies of Dove Tales from the past. It was startling to see how many people from the past continue to support us today. You were all a little thinner and a lot less gray but the energy and commitment jump off the pages. This organization is rich in history. And as we approach our anniversary it is the perfect time to look back. Dove has thrived for more than four decades because of a commitment to mission. A simple concept - from our founding churches; to meet the unmet needs of the community . We have seen programs come and go. We look different today than we did five years ago; and I suspect we will look different in five years than we do today. But we recognize that the needs of the community constantly change. As an organization, we are aware and flexible enough to adapt to these changes. We