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A Woman of Dove's History

 March is Women’s History Month and during this month I want to acknowledge a woman who assisted Ray Batman in molding Dove, Inc. Not only was she a founder and volunteer, but her passion, dedication, and drive were so vital to building the stellar foundation that the organization stands on today. She may have been tiny in stature, but her presence was vast. She was eventually hired as the Program Director in 1974 and remained an active and avid supporter of Dove after retirement and up until her passing in 2014. Her “never take no for an answer” attitude assisted with building collaborations that are still matched today.  She was extremely instrumental in the organization of a multitude of community-related programs throughout the city of Decatur. This includes the Nationally Renowned Mother-to-Mother program, a programming concept that has been widely adopted across the country. Sue’s presence still shines through those of us who have come along beside her. Her commitment to resolvin

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month!

 As most know, February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness about teens, and their dating relationships, and putting a stop to dating violence before it even starts. Dating violence is more common than people think, especially among teens & young adults. 1 in 3 U.S. teens will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from someone they’re in a relationship with before becoming adults. The theme this year is  “Love Like That”. The “that” means what you are looking for in a relationship. We want our teens to know what is healthy and unhealthy before or when looking for a partner, and this is what we present in the local high schools we visit. We encourage everyone to wear orange this month or specifically on the 6th, orange shows solidarity and raises awareness about dating violence! If you know someone who is experiencing or who has experienced teen dating violence, please give them resources to get help! Dove offers coun