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Our 2016 Holiday Poem

The holiday season Comes just once a year, Bringing in family From far and from near. So we cook and we clean ‘til we think we may drop, An the we clean more, Could it be we can’t stop? Then right in the middle Of all we must do, We stop! And we gather With friends, old and new. For today is the day To pretend it’s all done, And to sit back and relax and just have some fun. This day is the day We will celebrate you. It’s our way to say thanks for all that you do. So fill up your plate With a lot of good food. Then pull up a seat And let us set the mood. Some things we will do You may have done before, But rest assured there are a few surprises in store. We shall start with a speaker Ans some music sublime Play a few games And just have a good time. And our wish is that by Time we are through, you will know we are thankful for each one of you! Thank you so much