Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary Dove!

Last week I arrived for a meeting at our Clay Street location twenty minutes early. I wandered into an old storage room and found scrapbooks containing pictures, newspaper articles, and copies of Dove Tales from the past. It was startling to see how many people from the past continue to support us today. You were all a little thinner and a lot less gray but the energy and commitment jump off the pages.

This organization is rich in history. And as we approach our anniversary it is the perfect time to look back. Dove has thrived for more than four decades because of a commitment to mission. A simple concept - from our founding churches; to meet the unmet needs of the community. We have seen programs come and go. We look different today than we did five years ago; and I suspect we will look different in five years than we do today. But we recognize that the needs of the community constantly change. As an organization, we are aware and flexible enough to adapt to these changes. We do this work with Faith – faith in God, faith in each other, and faith in our community.

I’m filled with pride in what I have seen accomplished over the years. And I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit. There is a sense of ownership at Dove that we share with thousands of others. If you worked here for even a short time – YOU contributed to our success. If you volunteered with Dove in any capacity – YOU fueled our spirit. If you pray for the homeless, abused, or social justice – YOU give us hope.

The leadership team at Dove constantly asks the question “what is Dove?” We respect the history and honor the legacy of those who we serve and have served us. And as we look to the past at those thinner, less gray champions of Dove - we seek to find the next generation of lifetime supporters. How do we connect to them? How do we get them excited to serve our cause? We struggle with this question and we work hard seeking answers. But I suspect the answer to Dove’s future can be found in its past:

 A commitment to mission and faith; and a belief in all YOU can do.

Jim Walters – Executive Director  

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