Thursday, September 10, 2015

#24 of the 45 things we want you to know about Dove!

In a December 1972 DoveTales newsletter, it talks about the plans for the Christmas Basket Drive, stating it "will again" team up to help make Christmas brighter for many area families.  Sound like one of the first and maybe the longest lasting programs of Dove.

Currently the plans for the 2015 drive is in the works.  The first meeting of the staff on Dove's side of the event will be on September 15 -- and we're sure Northeast Community Fund has been planning too.  Actually, both agencies have probably been doing some planning since the 2014 drive finished.

We believe that the drive supported  about 75 families in the beginning and now about 350 families. 

Watch the web site for needs that you can help with. -- we'll be looking for things like hats, gloves, mittens, new toys (ages birth to 17), warm sock, wrapping paper and tape.  NECF will be collecting food items, especially think about the turkey or ham. 

check back later at
We'll still be seeking your help!

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