Thursday, August 12, 2021

You don't have to be able to Dance to do Baskets


Growing up in the world of dance, one of my favorite things to do each year is participate in The Nutcracker Ballet. My favorite part? Giving the audience a magical Christmas experience with the perfect setting of lights, music, glittery costumes, and refined steps by ballerinas. The audience is transported to a magical land of sweets that makes even adults feel like small children in awe and wonder.

Of course, that’s just what the audience sees! What they don’t see is the months and months before hand! Long rehearsals, bandage wrapped dance feet, and stage and tech crews working tirelessly so that every detail before the final show is perfected.

After several years, I have started comparing the Christmas Baskets Process to that of the process for The Nutcracker Ballet. Starting months and months before, staff and volunteers work endlessly for the exhilarating distribution week to come. With that said, the magical essence of the Ballet experience cannot happen with just the prima ballerina, just like Christmas Baskets cannot run with just one person helping. Choreographers, dancers, set designers, seamstresses and backstage hand all work together to make one exciting event happen. There are no small parts!

If you have never experienced the magical Christmas Basket Process, I encourage you to get involved in 2021! I encourage you to volunteer with your friends and family, make stockings, donate, support in prayer; the list is endless for how you can help.  I encourage you to make yourself a new Christmas tradition to bring that magical feeling, just like The Nutcracker, to those in our community this holiday season!

Melissa Girardi
Financial Specialist

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