Friday, October 12, 2012

Coats for Kids!

The 21st Annual Coats for Kids! will begin next Wednesday the 17th and will run through November 30.  It's simple folks, donate a coat you don't want or need anymore.  The cleaners will make them clean.  Then we'll take them to a clothing room so someone who needs a nice, warm winter coat can take it home with them!

When this drive started 21 years ago, one of the problems facing area clothing rooms was the lack of children's coats, never enough to cover the need.  Well, the coat drive has helped a great deal over the years.  But there are still cold kids who need a coat and so we keep hosting the program.

WAND has been the cosponsor of the drive each and every year.  Each year, one of the meteorologist
 lends their time and talent to the drive.

RSVP Volunteers keep the coats moving.  RSVP volunteers are amazing and this is just one of many, many projects they make happen each year.

61,252 coats have been cleaned and distributed to clothing rooms through this program.  We hope that added up to a lighter burden on some family budgets and most of all a warmer winter for many kids.

For now, clean out your closet, or the back seat of your car or down in the basement for any of those coats you're not using (adults and children coats accepted).  Then Wednesday, you can drop them off at one of the places listed below.  We'll take it from there and keep you posted.

(Need a coat, check back later for a participating clothing room.  When we start dropping off the clean coats to the clothing room, we'll let you know!)

Thanks to these Cleaners - they make sure every coat is clean and serve as a drop off site!
Classic Cleaners
2474 N. Main, Decatur
Corner Cleaning Connection
1154 E. Prairie, Decatur
Jane’s Cleaners
664 W. Eldorado, Decatur
Peerless Cleaners
519 N. Monroe, Decatur
Pride Cleaners and Launderers
2553 N. Main, Decatur
1804 E. Eldorado, Decatur
912 W. Eldorado, Decatur
2056 Mt. Zion Road, Decatur
Waite’s Cleaners
1004 S. Main, Decatur
115 Magnolia, Forsyth

Please use one of these drop-off sites:
Eldorado and Fairview, Decatur
16th & Cantrell, Decatur
Monroe and Pershing, Decatur
Decatur Public Library
130 N. Franklin Street, Decatur
Airport Plaza
Brettwood Plaza
Fairview Plaza
South Shores Plaza
Land of Lincoln Credit Union
3130 E. Mound Road, Decatur
2890 N. Oakland, Decatur
Longcreek Township
2610 Salem School Road, Longcreek
Macon County Building
141 S. Main, Decatur
333 E. Pershing
2340 Mt. Zion Rd.
350 N. Water
1355 W. King
Richland Community College
1 College Park, Decatur
St. Teresa High School
2710 N. Water Street, Decatur

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