Friday, January 4, 2013

One year and counting!

January marks the 1st anniversary of our blog! We hope you have enjoyed reading about what’s going on at Dove. (Please check the archive for past postings.)

2013 is sure to be full of change, goals we make and implement and things that come up that we cannot imagine right now. But what will stay the same is our dedication to providing services to those who are homeless, to those who are in unsafe relationships. We will continue to provide support and guidance to neighborhood groups, the groups making Decatur a better place to live. And we will engage the help of many many volunteers who will help folks pick out clothing for their children, assist folks with financial emergencies, who will teach valuable life skill lessons to area children, who will recycle your aluminum cans, deliver Christmas Baskets, haul coats and more!

Please learn about our services so you can lead those in need to help.

Please continue to support us with your donations, we cannot survive without that. 

Please become involved, volunteer when you can.

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