Friday, August 9, 2013

Volunteering with RSVP

One of our many dear RSVP Volunteers shared below a little bit about volunteering with the program.  RSVP Volunteers go out into the community, sharing their time and talents.  If you are 55 plus and are looking for quality ways to spend your volunteer time, please send us an email dove@doveinc.or or check our our web site to find out more.

RSVP members in Macon and DeWitt County volunteered 120,953 hours in our 12/13 FY
"I started volunteering when I retired in 1988 from Federal Kemper Insurance Company. I have been at many different sights done all kinds of things and picking the hours that I could help.
I started at the Office of Aging at the Civic Center filling out various forms and doing any other office duties that needed to be done. I have been at the Girl  Scout Office, Gift Shop at Nursing  Home, visiting shut ins, cutting out coupons, and at many other places that needed a volunteer. Just doing  what needed to be done.

I also was on the Senior Board at Dove and  also on the Senior Board at the Senior Center. Held many positions at both. I had several different directors at both places.

I am very limited in doing volunteering now. I miss it but I am glad I was able to do it in my lifetime.
You meet so many different people and a person gets more out of volunteering then she or he puts into it. It gives you a great feeling and makes life worthwhile."
Anastazia Dean

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