Wednesday, July 23, 2014


When many of us hear the word “poor”, negative images come to our minds.  We think of the aggressive panhandler that interrupted or scared us.  We think of the stereotypical addict and the criminal.  While those persons have their own desperate needs, they are only a small percentage of the persons who come to the MAX program each day for assistance.  Most of the faces who come in are pleasant, caring and appreciative.  They are often the strong women who are taking care of the children and grandchildren of others.  They are the responsible men who are trying to handle things well in difficult times.  As I pass them by in the hallway, they often greet me warmly and ask how I am.  After they talk with the volunteers and Shane Hartman, they often they leave with a thank you and a relief that they will be able to obtain the medicine or other help they need for themselves or for others.  I often wonder if I would be so pleasant if I had been born in their life situations or carried the loads they carry.   I wonder if I could be gracious while humbling myself to ask for help.   I thank God that the MAX program makes it easy for me to help others.   I thank God that DOVE and  the MAX program is there for those good people.  
Kent King-Nobles, First United Methodist Church

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