Friday, October 23, 2015

Through my eyes

Through my eyes Dove Domestic Violence is a haven in the storm for many women and children. They find themselves in a situation they never thought they would be in…alone, scared, beaten, abused, ridiculed, talked-down to.  Sometimes their spirits are broken, they literally don’t feel anything. Sometimes, just the break of coming into shelter gives them the time, space and security to think again. To stop. To regroup.  Whatever their needs and the needs of their children are, our staff tries to meet them where they’re at and offer hope in one of their most desolate times.

Through my eyes I have seen women with fear, pain and hopelessness in their eyes, trusting no one when they came into shelter. But after spending time here, learning coping skills, learning that they are far more precious than to be in an abusive relationship, they realize we really do care.  They realize that more than a job, we are here to comfort, console, build-up and share what we know about the cycle of domestic violence to help them regain their quality of life.  When they are in the middle of domestic violence, they don’t see what is happening. They get beaten down so badly they can hardly make a decision. But slowly through DV Groups and one-on-one counseling their personality begins to emerge!  In a safe environment they begin their new journey of realizing they can get their life back!

Through my eyes I have seen women leave here with a new-found confidence! The best part of this job is to see them feel "whole" again!  To see them venture out on their own. Find housing! Prepare to make their new apartment " home"  for them and their children! The excitement in a little girl’s eyes when she says "I can’t wait to move into my new room!"  They have come to love themselves enough to make life-changing decisions. Where there was fear, I now see confidence.  Where there was shame, I now see renewed pride. Where there were tears, I now see peace!

Through my eyes I see Dove as a stepping stone for women to regain their confidence, value, peace of mind and a renewed excitement to live without abuse! I am so blessed to be a small part of this amazing organization!

Cheryl Carpenter
Domestic Violence Program

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