Thursday, September 8, 2022

The winds of change are upon us


As the summer fades away, the winds of change are upon us.  

The wildflowers are in bloom along the roadways, the crops in the fields are changing colors and Mother Nature’s green coat is beginning to fade.  

The onset of the beautiful colors of fall can be spotted in some treetops.  

Although I am a lover of summer, the change from summer to fall has always been exciting to me…. the cool, crisp evenings and mornings and the hint of fog and haze on the horizon.  I was always one of the weird kids who looked forward eagerly to the first day of school.  The prospect of change and of hope for a great year ahead was intoxicating.  

As an adult, I still love this time of year.  The promise of new beginnings makes it seem like a second New Years, a chance to complete some of those goals that may have been left behind in the busyness of life.  

If you, or someone you know, has been affected in some way by domestic violence, this second New Year is an exciting time to initiate change.  We are here to guide you and to offer options and domestic violence education to enable you to move past the issues of abuse that can linger and to build a more serene life.  We can be reached on our 24-hour crisis line at 217.774.4888 or our business line at 217.774.3121.  We also welcome walk-ins at 1200 South Hickory, Shelbyville.  

Reach out to us and we can start this new season together.

Susie Kensil
Shelby County Domestic Violence Coordinator

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