Friday, May 16, 2014

BABES Program Wraps up for another school year

Almost 2,000 children benefitted from the BABES, BABES Bridge, and BE YOUR BEST programs this school year!

The BABES Program was presented at 21 schools in Macon and DeWitt Counties. Three schools were added in DeWitt County this year. These K-3rd grade presentations were made by 33 BABES Volunteers whose volunteer hours totaled about 230 hours.

The BABES Bridge and BE YOUR BEST Programs reached 384 students at 6 schools in Macon and DeWitt Counties.

While we can share many numbers, we cannot begin to share the fun it is to go into the classrooms and watch as the children learn these valuable lessons. Many lessons are shared, but one, "Stop, Think, before you Decide" is a good foundation for most of the lessons.

If you’d like be learn more about the BABES programs, please check our website at To seek information about summer training opportunities, please contact Sandy Laesch at The training is about 5 hours followed up with in classroom experience. A few things to keep in mind: you must be 18 years old, able to pass the background check and be available during traditional school days.

Special thanks to ADM Cares for a grant to cover most of the expenses of this program the last two school years.

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