Friday, May 30, 2014

Thanks Volunteers

These beautiful irises, outside our shelter, were donated and planted by a group of volunteers  in seasons past.  Although fading now, they were amazing and many of us enjoyed them as we walked or drove by, especially on the day this picture was taken.  I wondered if the volunteers drove back by to see their work this year.  Probably not.  But that is probably the case with most of our volunteers, not getting to see the benefits of their hard work.

We have volunteers who find clothing for children they will never meet, volunteers who work with people when vulnerable and never see when their strength has returned.  Volunteers who step into someone life and help in that moment, but cannot witness how that help truly made a difference.

Thanks to all the volunteers who invest their time and talents in the many programs at Dove.  Volunteers who give a kind word of encouragement and a smile.  Volunteers who do the dirty work behind the scenes,  People helping people.  What would we do without you?

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